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M&A Support

3 Echo Understands the Critical Nature of Mergers and Acquisitions.

Defining the strategic objectives of your potential merger or acquisition is the critical first step. The objectives can include: Capacity Increase, Geographic Expansion, Product or Market Extension, R&D Technology Advances or Industry Convergence. It may be one or it may be multiple objectives driving the motivation. But ultimately, it is the value that is added to your existing assets.

From the early stages of due diligence, to identifying organizational synergies & value capture and finally to activating the integration plan, we know how important these steps are to the ultimate success of the deal. Additionally, but often overlooked or soon forgotten, is the importance of the cultural integration. If organizational and people issues are given a low priority during the pre-acquisition phase, a clash of cultures could emerge during the integration resulting in a failure to meet financial targets and/or lower than expected results. 3 Echo brings a wealth of global mergers and acquisitions experience with an emphasis in the manufacturing industry. We recognize the importance of prioritizing the cultural integration process through all steps of the integration or merger.

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