What 3 Echo Can Offer You

Interim and Fractional HR Solutions

“Filling the Gap” to Maintain Business Continuity

Hiring your new HR Executive takes time. Feeling comfortable with the right hire takes even longer. 3 Echo Consulting will give you the time needed to make the right decision. By engaging with an interim HR Executive from 3 Echo Consulting, we’ll eliminate the strain caused by the time it takes to fill a critical role. “Filling the gap” to maintain business continuity until a permanent talent solution is found may be the logical short-term answer for your strategic or tactical interim HR talent needs.

What is Fractional HR support?

Fractional HR allows your start-up or expanding business to outsource your human resources needs to a third party rather than relying entirely on an internal department that will increase overhead and expenses.

3 Echo’s cost-effective fractional HR solution provides you with demonstrated industry expertise depending on the strategic or tactical needs of your business. It offers flexibility to have an experienced human resources professional on-demand or over a set period of hours per month. Whether it is serving as an advisor to your C-level executives or providing HR coaching support for your HR staff, 3 Echo Consulting offers a unique and affordable solution. Essentially, this approach affords your small to medium sized business a de facto Chief Human Resources Officer at a time when organizational decisions are critical.

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