What 3 Echo Can Offer You

Executive Coaching

Enhance Your Leadership Awareness, Capacity and Capabilities

Simply put, 3 Echo’s Executive Coaching will enhance your leadership awareness, capacity and capabilities. The direct result is a better performing leader, team and organization.

By helping individuals embrace new perspectives, attitudes and behaviors, executive coaching opens the blind spots that hold leaders back from reaching their full potential! Executive coaching can help you:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Recognize and disrupt behaviors that impede the way of advancement
  • Build your executive presence
  • Broaden your influence
  • Engage more effectively in crucial conversations
  • Advance situational leadership awareness and actions

We know that finding the right executive coach can be a challenging task. You want the right balance of executive experience, personal fit and comfort level. In other words, someone you can trust!

That’s where 3 Echo Consulting can help. Whether it’s to help high-potentials with additional support to reach the next level or working with recently promoted and new hire executives to make positive impacts on the business. We understand the importance of building trust while making impactful and sustainable change for yourself, your team and your organization.

“I have been informally and formally coaching leaders throughout my industry career and my service in the military. Enabling others to reach their full potential is and has always been my goal. I have always strived to build credibility and trust through my actions which is important in building relationships and in the coaching process.”

Gregg is a certified Executive Coach through Sherpa Executive Coaching®

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