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L E A D E R S H I P  –  I had the unique privilege and opportunity to have served in the United States Army as both an enlisted soldier and as a commissioned officer.  I feel honored to have been led by tremendous leaders and to have led tremendous soldiers. The military is where I built a strong foundation of  principles and values that helped me lead with character and to inspire others.  I am very fortunate to have built my Human Resources career on such a strong bedrock.

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE  –  After serving in the military, my first industry role was a 3rd shift supervisor in a manufacturing facility. No other role could have prepared me better to make a transition to Human Resources than front line leadership on the shop floor! After plant HR leadership roles, I had the opportunity to support multiple sales and marketing functions where I learned the importance of how HR supports the customer facing side of the business. My background also includes HRBP role for a Global Division with full P&L across all functions – Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Finance, and Engineering. Coming full circle to my manufacturing foundation, I most recently held the position of Vice President for Global Operations in a Fortune 200 company spanning across 49 manufacturing sites, 30 DC’s, the global supply chain functions and over 25,000 employees.

I do believe that “Your experiences are far more compelling than what you learn second hand.”




With over 25 years of experience across multiple leadership roles in the military and a wealth of Industry experience, I am truly doing what I enjoy - sharing with others all that I have learned throughout my career. While there are many books, courses, and classes that cover almost every aspect of Human Resources and Leadership, a few simple things resonate with me that I’ve learned along the way:

• Lead with empathy, genuineness and humbleness

• Listen more than you say

• As a leader, provide the what and not the how

• Clear obstacles to allow your team to be successful

• Character is the best way to influence

Gregg Chamberlain


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Developed comprehensive employee engagement assessment tool designed for manufacturing and distribution organizations. •  Successfully built global talent pipeline through development of Operations Leadership Development Program for early career operations leaders in U.S., Europe, and China. •  Served as HR Due Diligence leader on 5 Global acquisitions; supported initial analysis through due diligence and subsequent integration.  •  Enabled business growth by assessing talent impacts and cultural compatibility. •  Established Industry 4.0 talent foundation by creating multi-stakeholder partnerships; industry, educators, and government partners. •   Collaborated with the World Economic Forum on the Future of Work and the critical need for upskilling and reskilling future manufacturing workforce. •  Member of the World Economic Forum’s taskforce on the “Future of Work in Advanced Manufacturing.” •  Founding member and Executive Sponsor of company’s Veteran’s Network ERG. •  Developed talent pipeline and provided opportunities for disadvantaged populations by collaborating with a Global youth employment nonprofit with mission to empower young people to build thriving careers.

* Global HR Experience in Manufacturing and Supply Chains extends to over 17 countries in North and South America, Europe, India, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Thailand.

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