We always knew that someday we would end up back in North Carolina.  After living in the small town of Parkton, NC for a few years, the 20+ years of visiting the NC beaches, the weekend trips to the mountains, and of course the weather, we knew North Carolina had everything we were looking for to call home.  And now we are finally settled just outside Raleigh in Archer Lodge, NC!  It also helped that our son, daughter-in-law, two granddaughters and our daughter all moved to the Raleigh area this year!

With my wife and I both small business owners/operators, we are more than excited and eager to begin work in the area!  I am particularly looking forward to engaging with individuals and organizations in such a rapidly expanding Raleigh/Durham area.  I am confident that 3 Echo Consulting can help your organization create a healthy environment that enables leaders to lead and employees to thrive.

3 Echo Consulting is not limited to North Carolina.  We will continue to engage with clients from all regions.  I would like to thank our current clients from across the U.S. who were more than supportive while we made the multi-month journey of moving from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.

I cannot say it enough, “I’m excited to be in North Carolina!”